If the time has come and you know that you don’t have money for college you must find out which are your options. There are many things you can do if you have decided to go further with your education. First of all, try to find out which is the domain where you ca be the best. It doesn’t matter what domain will you choose but you must be real good. The first thing you can do is to search for online universities or online colleges and find out if you have any chance to get money for college if you are applying to one of them. In you case you should know everything about grants, student loans, how you can get an online degree and which online colleges are the best. This is only the first step on the road.

Now that you have all these information you have to see in which category of people do you fits in. For example, if you are from America you must look into state grant money and see which are the online universities which can give you this financial aid. You will see that you can have many options but you must go on with your research and accept that you ca get money from institutions which want to help you get an online degree. There are many online universities which are opening their gates for you. So try to understand and to accept this thing, this is a really huge step. Another thing you should know is that organization are offering money for college like online colleges and online universities do. Their purpose is to help student to get the financial aid that they need when federal and state aid isn’t enough to cover tuition fees. So take a look at this step and try to find many organizations which are doing this for many teenagers.

Another step that you should do in you application is to consider applying for a federal grant. If you are living in the USA you should try to apply for FAFSA grant. This is a very good grant and it will help you to have the money for going to some online universities or online colleges if you really want to get an online degree. This grant is a very special one but you must pay attention because the application form should be fulfilled at the beginning of each year. So be prepared to apply to it because you will not have enough time. There are many students who don’t know that they must have patience if they want to get some money for college because a financial aid is not an easy thing to get.

How to get money for college!

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  • l have poor family and my father is dead. Im living only with my mom and living in Ethiopia. l want scholarship,please help me???..
    I want to be role model by working hard for my people.

  • Hello.I am shahnoza from Tajikistan my father 11 years ago went to Russia and dont came back till. My mother is housewife i study at universty i want to go USA becouse i heard from my friends in this country lives many of families that want to help to people . Isay to that people please help me my mother does not have many to send me to forign countries . I am a bakery. If you need bakery i can help to you . Please help me to study in USA . I know after this letter many american peoples help me becouse in USA lives best human in the world. Best human in the world!!! Help me please!!!!!

  • my name is Derara Geleta I have poor family my father & my mother is dead I living only my brother & I live in Ethiopia I have public health degree ,I want to medicine please call me+251947513007&derarageleta14@gmail.com& I want to scholarship please please help me?

  • My name is Mulugeta Bayisa Desta.i am so happy to the existence of this chane to gate online scholarship program site.for sure i want to join online master scholarship program if you offer and support me with financial coverage upto end. thank you in advance for your cooperation

  • am philip form Ghana. i have been searching for us an opportunity but am unable to. please do will to help me so i can continue my education in the university level. i completed my senior high school way back 2016 but still in the house due to financial problems. please do will to help me out.

  • I am Ghanaian who need an help of scholarship in Canada to further my program. please come into my hide and help me out. Thanks all those who show kindly to me

  • my name is Samantha Mashingautah and l am in need of school a scholarship for undergraduate not an online one.Please help me get one. Thank you in advance

  • Hi am Julius Kabembo, My nationality is a zambian, Am humbled myself as you can hear my incatation Iam a orphan who doesn\’t have any financial support my request is that,\

  • pls help me i don\’t hv money to further my education i droped because of finance i need scholarship +2347067163636

  • am Burundian,i want a help aid for keepping on a scholarship in belgium or canada.i\’ve study at our public university in psycholoy faculty.i have a spirt of continuing my school,especially in master degree but i can\’t bcse of missing money.we are poor family.please help me!!thanks

  • Am Named :Jeremiah Gatdet P.Thiep a South Sudanese by Nationality ,born in 1978.Religion :Christianity of Catholic Church .Ethnicity :Nuer.Education level:M.A of PR and Media Management ,from Cavendish University Uganda.Social statue :Married.

  • PhD in:(1) Public Administration.:(2)PR :(3) Political Science .(4)IR or other social science subject.

  • I am a Zambian citizen aged 43 year and am currently studying with Livingstone international university ( LITEBM) in Zambia. Am in my 3rd year bachelor degree in wildlife science and natural resources management. Therefore, I wish to register my financial challenges to the American people who have been good in helping in this world. I have done this especially that I have 4 chicken and are all in schools. When need is required will submit all credentials to you good people please help me.

  • My name is Qamaruddeen Khawlah Adeola.A student of University of Ilorin.300level depertment of religoin faculty of art.I need money for my education

  • I am happy to come across this site. If I can get help after all these years to embark on an online course will be great. I have been working on this project for so long just to have funding to pursue further education online to no avail.

  • my name is OLUWASEYI I\’m from EKITI STATE I basic on Computer Programmer I want to study more i want to create application that all word we reccornace I need scholarship.

  • I want to give it to study because in the current situation of our country can not study in our country because of the situation of foreclosure and ask you to help me in giving me any state I study and ask you to help to find a grant to find enough money to study and I want to achieve my goal and please help you.

  • My family poor.iwant scholarship in bangalidhesh iwant to learn computer software please help.me my life your.hands do every thing you.went

  • My name is Mary from Tanzania. I need scholarship inorder to study abrod means London. Now am study bachelor of Acturial sciences first year but i don\’t have any money am poor girl and my parent are very poor assist me fully scholarship inorder to study abroad.thanks

  • Hi am from a poor background leaving with my mother,l did my kcse in 2016 and l so eager to join college.l request for any scholarship to passue my studies in Human resourse management

  • i wish to became a software engineer please help me in my financial assistance i\’m very thank full to you .please help me in my studies

  • Hi i am in apoor peaple and i want to take education and join to college so that i would like to help me

  • my name is Adisa Bisola A. I live at Oyo state in Nigeria, I dnt av mother cing pass five years now av try to study but only OND I can do but I want to further in my education. pls help me to do my master & ICAN in my course (accounting)

  • please i am persuing certificate in pharmaceutical science. i ned help financially especially for my tuition about Tsh 950,000 per semester for two years. i am a student at Kampala International university in Tanzania. other expenses includes accommodation fees, feeding, and NACTE examination every end of semester two. looking forward for your replies thanks.

  • I want realy because my parent dead and am poor prease help in order to study in diploma clinical officer

  • I am a girl child from a very poor family in Africa , Zambia in particular and am looking forward for someone to sponsor to sponsor me do diploma in teaching.

  • am kyeswa shakib am from Uganda
    please I kindly request for scholarship and study am very poor but I want to graduate please salam alaeikhum

  • Sir,Am A Pregraduate.Please I Wish To Futher My Education In Your Prestigiouse Organization.Am Hopefully And Pertiently Waiting For Your Humble Respond.Thank You

  • Shalom and Boker Tov..
    I am Hussen Mohamed Warsame, and I am Judaism ( Hebrew Torah) from Ethiopia. I am refugee father live his family ( my family zise is 6) in Dadaab Refugee Camp, Garrisa County, Kenya.
    I am 46 years. So that, I am kindly requesting to offer money that enable me for my education of the university.
    So , your supporting will led me to be educated person and also to get good jop and earn well then to cover needs of my family and people and country of Ethiopia and world. Other hand, studying and upgrade my religion of Judaism and my visions of to found CANAAN EDUCATION CENTER in Warder city, Ogaden,Somali Regional State, Ethiopia. And so on, to build SOCIAL SYNAGOGUE in Warder city, Ogaden,Somali Regional State, Ethiopia. And others.
    So that, your supporting money will granted many thoughts/visions of me to be win. Lastly, I will hope to accept my requesting.

  • Hi ,am witnnie kibet from Kenya,I finish form four 2014 ,and because of some financial difficulties ,I couldn\’t manage to join any collage ,I search for job and I work as housegirl I get little money and l apply medical collage and ,I get it I was able to do clinical medicine in 2017 September and I finish first year this month with a lot of problem ,so lam suppose to join second year on September 3 ,but no money I was planning to differ till next year ,but because I have this useful scholarship ,I know it will help me by the will of God ,plz help .my contact+254716420083

  • Am mechanical Engineer with upper credit. I need scholarship to further my education. I will be very grateful if my mission can be grant.

  • Boa tarde! estou a necessitar de uma bolsa de estudo, a minha família não tem condições financeira.
    Agradeceria muito a vossa ajuda.

  • my name is abdi dida from Ethiopia.i am student studying electrical & computer engineering in my country.but, i didnt get a quality education b/c lack of materials & lecturer.so,i need an assistance to study in abroad inorder to have broder knowledge.in addition,to exchange cultures,languages &so on in the foreign countries.so,please i am begging you guys help me to see my dream in the future.if you are willing to help me contact me via my phone: +251943159689,my email

  • Hae …am Elizabeth Auma from Kenya… I did my form four examination and passed well…I have my certificates but I lack fees to go to university…. I already have a university administration letter but I lack money… Please help!!


  • Hey! Am kwizera mugisha from rwanda
    I did s6 national examination and passed well but i am a poor no fees for university.
    I need help(scholarship) please.

  • Hi , my names are Meboka katia. Please I really need help to complete my remaining two years at the university… My parents are unable to sponsor me in school due to lack of funds and finding it so difficult to complete my university education. Please Kindly reach me at this number +237654311843 . Thanks for understanding

  • Helo Am Isaac Peter,my Father Is Dead 5years Ago,he Promise To Suport Me Where I Wanna Study,because Since I Was Small He Ask Me What Do I Wanna Be And I Told Him Doctor,thats My Ambition But Now He Is Nomore.I Finished My High School 5years Back But Still At Home,i Live In Lagos Nigeria Can You Please Render Me Help To Study In Canada?My Phone +2348063271297 Thanks In Advance.

  • respected sir
    it is stated tha! i cant effort the fees of hostel nd college, so it\’shumble request to you please allow me scholarship. shall be vry thankful to you for your this act of kindness.

  • I am student i want full schoolership i am requesting to accept my request because i can\’t able to buy money for teaching now i gratuated secondery school i need to learn economy i am somali boy i life in somalia

  • Hi? I\’m Abraham Lakpor a Liberian live in Monrovia , earn a bachelor of science in economics at University of Liberia but do not have money to earn a master in Economics but need a scholarship do it in England need help


  • Hi, my name is Protais Nihorimbrere ,I am a from BurundiI ,I\\’m 27 years old but no married.I finish bachelor programs in statistics in my country.please as I want to continue my studies in master prohgrams really I ask for your help for me in order that I improve ny knowledges .
    Thank you for your accepting

  • Hi, my name is Protais Nihorimbrere ,I am a from Burundi country in Africa ,I’m 27 years old but no married.I finish bachelor programs in statistics in my country.please as I want to continue my studies in master prohgrams really I ask for your help for me in order that I improve my knowledges .
    Thank you for all you can do for me

  • High I\’m ZAINA from university of Dar er salaam ( TZ) I really need your help to complete three years of my studies, thanks.

  • how do i get a scholarship because it seems your program is not clear how one can access the kind of scholarship required to do so.

  • I am from East Africa Ethiopia i start learning at ETC so i can not afford the payment now i become stop because of luck of money if any body that fear almighty God want to help the poor with my family please write to me with my Email i can tell about me and my family back ground. God be bless which is read this message first.

  • Hello sir/ma
    my names are Jacob Sunday, my father dead when am still in ss2 that was 2years ago,and now am though with my secondary school, can not continue, please I need a scholarship and someone who will support with my academic background. please as you help God will bless you

  • hey, please may you grant me scolarship to study my diploma in international relation. I wont to be a doplomate and work with UN as peace negotiator pliz!!!pliz!! may you grant me.

  • Hey ,
    I\’m from Rwanda . I need your help to get scholarship to finish my lesson in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering which has a little degree of A+ (Advance Diploma), I want to upgrade it.


  • AoA I\’m sultana belong to very removt area of gilgit baltistan in the north of Pakistan
    I belong to poor family and I need your help with this problem I have been trying to get my life from this poverty and want to make my life better
    Plz help me to get my life bright

  • I need your help for the studying of my daugther,she is in first year college now at Polythecnic university of the philippines.she is free from tuition fees but I can not support her for the everyday expenses in school..im widow and im 67 years old..and a senior citizen…hope you can help me about thus matter so that my said daugther will finish her studying ,she is taking education inthe said university ..sincerily.maria dimaisip motherof mya daugther.

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