Everyone knows that studying abroad is not a very cheap thing that is why, nowadays, many students are trying to find a good option for doing this. Some of them have the financial support of their family but there are still many of them who don’t have enough money to go to a real university. That is why, they find a very good option based on online education. Studying to an online university is a very good thing, it’s the cheap option for studying abroad. What is a very good thing is that now, students can apply for scholarships to an online university. They must have good marks for getting the online degrees that they need to have.

Our team made a research and we found out that online education is very popular in many countries. We found out that in Europe there are many universities which have online degree programs for students who don’t have the time to go to a full-time university.

Distance Learning Scholarships are a very good choice if you want to get online degrees, you will still have the same rights that other students have, so you don’t have to worry about it. Online education is a manner of helping teenager to fulfill their dream and this is a very good thing. Maybe you will get a scholarship like this and you will find out that an online university is a very good place to be.

We will make it easier for you by telling you that online degrees can also be achieved with students with very good marks, so this thing will not make you to be a worse student. You must have faith in your powers and don’t forget that education is a big step in your life.

We talked about scholarships and we want to tell you what options do you have to get one of these. For example, we found out that there is a university called University of the People which is very popular for her diversity of courses. For example there you can choose to apply for a scholarship in domains like: Business Administration and Computer Science. It is a very good university because it is destinated to those students who want to get online degrees. They want to offer you an academic degree but you will have to assume that you will do some distance learning so it will be a little bit hard to catch up the other students. Here, you can study for five years if you want to be a real good student and to learn something. After this, it will come an exam degree which will make the proof that you are a real good student.

New scholarships available for those who choose the online education!

124 thoughts on “New scholarships available for those who choose the online education!

  • Am a Nigerian and a soldier. Please i will be happy if i can gain admission into the school, and i will also like to know the process.

  • i’m from djibouti and know i’m turkey so
    how i can get scholarship in stanboul ?
    master degred thank you.

  • I am medical laboratory technologist from Myanmar. I wanna join with japan university for my master degree

  • I wana free scholarship with hydraulic course. If your country is interested to give free scholar ..with this course and other related course.

  • I’m very humbled to learn that online degrees are this awesome and supportive to good students. I did very well in my final high school exam and would really be glad and thankful if get this great opportunity to learn online and attain a degree. I’m looking forward to your positive results. Thank you.

  • The scholarship program is the best of resolve to student proplem and to suporte thepoor of student for achive the goal

  • first of all am selamyihun deneke from addis ababa ethiopia i want to learn more and change my life ,family and my world so please help me and want to change my all. thank you.

  • my name is. Abdi Gemula Yadeta from Ethiopia. I want to study masters in one of the faculty of business and economics. every department is my interest. thank you.

  • my name is Nanati Taye from Ethiopi….i am 2nd year electrical and computer engineering student…i want to this golden opportunity please accept me

  • Greetings
    My name is Yedilfire Moges I want to study Masters in Business School, I need scholarship. please give me the chance.

  • please i am twenty-four year old graduate from the university of Ghana business school with Bsc business admistration (accounting option) and seriously in dying need for a scholarship for my post-graduate studies because my dad passed away last year..thank you

  • first i would like to thanks you for giving a chance of online educational scholarship program. i have BA Degree in accounting in Ethiopia ,next for sure i want to join this online master scholarship program site if you offer and support me with financial coverage up to end.thank you in advance .

  • Hello, I am a Liberian from West Africa. I want to study Information Technology ( I T). Please help me so that i can forward my Education.

    Thank you

  • Seth,a Ugandan holder of Barchelor degree of Education from Makerere University looking for free scholarship to do Master degree of Educational management & administration.

  • First of all i will tend to use this opportunity to thank to you for given me this chance to apply for undergraduate studies indeed, i studied islamic/social studies in federal college of education katsina and i want further my education with sociology under education, so i wish my proposal will be consider and accept, thanks.

  • Am Olaniyi Ayomide Babajide , I want to study Business Adminstration. I just wrote JABM examination on Saturday March 10,2018.
    JAMB Registration Number: 85730523FB
    Examination Number: C34403010
    Center Number: C34403
    Seat Number: 10
    Examination Town: Ilorin, Kwara State

    Am seating for West African Examination Council (WAEC) in March 27,2018
    Am 16 years old, born January 2,2002.
    Height: 6.2

  • Am Olaniyi Oloruntoba Raphael. I want to study Performing Art. I just wrote JAMB Examination on March 10, 2018.
    JAMB Registration Number:85722023EA
    Examination Number: C34403013
    Centre Number: C34403
    Seat Number: 013
    Examination Town: Ilorin, Kwara State

    I will be seating for West Africa Examination Counil on March 27,2018..
    Am 14 years old born March 24, 2003.
    Height 6.2

  • Je suis un diplômé en économie finances , j\’envie d\’avoir une bourse d\’étude en Turquie pour mon master . quelles sont les procédures à suivre jusqu\’à l\’admission ???? J\’attends votre réponse …

  • Am Baraka Piniel from Tanzania now finishing my diploma in diagnostic radiography…..kindly am requesting for scholarship to pursue my bachelor in diagnostic radiography or Medical Imaging Technology

  • My name is kyeya James aged 32,from Kampala Uganda, I need a scholarship to study a Master degree in Education, I have a Bachelor\’s degree and Diploma in Education. Any good Samaritan out there,kindly help me out

  • my name is mihali kibange joseph
    from drcongo
    i\’m 22 years old.
    i\’m looking for a scholarship in busness administration and science computer
    what can i do to get it?

  • I ask you to grant it as I study it and achieve my goal and prepare for anything I need from our country to put a bet and there is not enough money. If you allow me to guide me to get the grant

  • Hello, very ugent please I\’m a Namibian with Master Diploma in Tefl and please I want to upgrade for Master degree in tesol please I want scholarship.

  • I am called MUTUYIMANA Emilienne, i am Rwandan. i would like to request for your support to my education through scholarship since i am poor and it is not easy for me to get fees for further studies. i have an A2 in history, economics and geography and i would like to continue towards university but it is not easy for me.

  • My dear
    i am faris yusif barnaba
    i am from south sudanese, i would like to request for your support to my education through scholarship since, i am orphan please and it is not easy for me to get fees for further study, i have an A2 in history, computer science/I T and i would like to continue toward university
    but it is not easy for
    please this is my chance, so please, please

  • i am student from sierra leone i want to continue my education, i shall be very greatful you take me in this org.

  • I am Tanzanian, Looking for scholarship in masters degree in speech therapy. Please help me. Thank you.

  • Hello i\’m from cote d\’ivoire and i need a scholarship to continued my study because we are very poor

  • Hello every one. Every studant want to continous a studies and acchive a goal due to some problam the can,t continous study .every person want a good life i am one of this . you can give me one oppurtunity that i show himself i can do every thing i need your help . Kindlly i request you please give me one oppurtunity. I wait of your response . One major point is that my father is paralysis he can,t pay my education fee. Thanks

  • i realy need this scholarship how can i archieved it please assist me to gain my goal, the procedure to the way out, am from Sierra Leone

  • Hello I am from Pakistan and I belong to poor family I need help of you guys and I also wanna to study further really i need this scholarship I am matric pass student.

  • I am Lwanga Mayola Tikaka a prospective student for mastered in architecture at royal colloge in uk seeking for financial assistance to persue my dream.

  • Iam happy to hear some from you about the Scholarship! Iam a student from the state Universty of Bukavu/ south-kivu / Democratic Republic of the Congo! I aim a first year of BA! I would like to I pply for free Scholarship! I would like to start the masters in the year: 2018-2019. Please I need a sholarship to continue my studys! My father died since from longtime!

  • Iam studying in First year BA in the Department of Arts and Humanities/ Letters and English Civilisations! I will finish with my second year of BA in 2018-2019 and start in masters degree in 2019-2020!

  • Am maryjane by name. Stil a high school student, i wil be seating for west african exam next year. Ask if i could have a chance. Am from Nigeria.

  • am student from kenya i want to pursue my education upto higher level i only finish high school due to poor familly i didnt make to continue with my studies so please need your asistance with the strength of the aforesaid words above.

  • am student from Pakistan i want to pursue my education upto higher level i only finish high school due to poor familly i didnt make to continue with my studies so please need your asistance with the strength of the aforesaid words above.

  • I am currently studying avionics engineering i want scholarshir for master in avionic please give me the chance my family is poor. please help me!

  • i would like to get this opportunity and i learn the one of the Ethiopian university faculty of Engineering department of civil -engineering. so i want to get this opportunity so plz help me

  • Hello everyone! my name is Oumar mahamat TAHIR, I\’m Chadian and I have a bachelor degree from the University of N\’djamena l want to do master of management or computer science please give me this opportunity thank you.

  • hi this is from Philippines i just want to know what posible courses you offered its my pleasure to be part of the program

  • Hello! I want to go to college but am lacking of financial.. I just thought if i could get a full scholarship in this site. If in case, advance thank you very much!

  • Hello ! I want to go to university but I am lacking of financial problem I thought if I could get a full scholarship in these sites if in case advance thank U
    I want admission in BBA department of management sçiences plz help me and full supporting me to fulfil my education thank U

  • Assalam o Alikum my self saoud suleman
    I am from sindh Pakistan I m student of 1st year class I want to get this opportunity my favorite sub are mathematics ,physics also chemistry for other information 03022352624 contact number

  • I know Mr Ali Nassor. From Tanzania I need the chance in unicaf university for scholar ship because my family is not enough money. Thank you

  • I\’m from Pakistan
    Belong to very removt area of gilgit baltistan
    There is no much concept of education but I want to bring there education but I can\’t due to poverty
    My parents didn\’t support me for education due to poverty please help me to get hight education in UK or elsewhere good uni

  • I am Bakary a Gambian i completed my secondary school with Wassce certificate also an introductory level certificate on Certified Accounting of Technician. But due to mergre financial status of my I was unable to complete the intermediate an technicians. So am seeking for help in anyway to developed my life

  • May Almighty always provide for those who came up this ideas, especially to support the poor and needy Africans…

  • Hi am perfect
    i base at Port Harcourt in Nigeria
    seriously searching for scholarships to pursue my dream
    Please grant me my request i will be grateful.

  • My name is Bethlehem Tsegaye
    Am from Ethiopia and am grade 11 student
    I need to study on Astrology because that\’s my dream to be Astronaut so please help me to achieve my dream

  • انا سميه من السودان اتمنى من قبولي في المنحه الدراسيه بالخارج وذلك لاستمرار استي في مجال الصيدله علما بانني قد درست الصيدله وحاليا فس سنتي الاخيره وسبب الحاحي في قبول ذلك لتحسين وضعي المادي لي ولاسره بالعلم ان والدي قد توفى قبل اكثر من٥ سنين ووالدتي لم تدرس وهي تعمل في بيع الملابس للمساعدتنا في الدراسه ونحن خمسة اخوات وابن واحد
    اتمنى قبولي واشكركم جزيل الشكر

  • am oliver kiptoo from Kenya place with a fertile soil for agri good tourist attraction site i jus want to thank you for creating awareness worldwide…..for scholarship

  • am a student at kenya the country of wealthy resourses bt now not well utilized .now doing research on how to make them useful to so as to help my people and the nation….

  • Bonsoir , je me présente :melle Afroun, 29 ans, je suis en dernière année en médecine pédiatrique, je suis très intéressée par l\’histoire et les langues étrangères, je serai honorée de pouvoir élargir mes connaissance en ces domaines qui changent de la medecine que j\’étudie depuis 11ans mantenant, une bourse d\’étude serait une occasion parfaite pour celà, je vous remercie d\’avoir proposécette généreuse opportunité, et vous serai redevable si ma demande est acceptée.
    Respectueusement. Melle Afroun. N

  • Am from kenya and am searching for a scholarship kindly help me am in need of scholarship to help my people and country

  • Please am requesting for a scholarship hope you wil give mi the necessary feedback before august hope you wil me a scholarship for nursing or accoutant

  • May God help those who came with this idea of helping the poor and needy am from kenya living in the northeastern part of kenya please kindly help mi to pursue my dreams

  • I would be much please If you grand me an opportunity to do my bachelors degree in human resources

  • Hello am Behangana Philip from Uganda I need online studying for abachalars in business administration o completed my high school and performed well .o will be glad for a parental response

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