What is your dream? Do you really want to make it real? If you do, now its the time to do something for this. Many students think that if they don’t afford to go to a real university they are not good enough for the society but this is a very wrong thing because nowadays they have many possibilities. Prestigious scholarships are coming to help them to join the courses of an online university. Scholarship application are ready for those who really want to learn something. Many students think that an online bachelor degree doesn’t matter at all but this is wrong. Online degrees do matter for those who really want to get them.

Today we will show you that an online university can help you a lot with its scholarship application. Online degrees are now easy to get and your future do matter.

A very good example is DeVry University which provides merit-based scholarships if you do have good marks and if you are patient to follow all the steps. For example, first of all you must email them and send them a motivation letter. In this letter you will have to speak about your personal reasons. You must tell them why are you applying to an online university, why an online bachelor degree is so important for you. You must be very serious and motivated. You must think that you will get this scholarship if you make a good scholarship application.

If you think this university can’t offer you the bachelor degree that you want or that you need you also have the option to apply to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. This online university also allows student transfers and this is a very good thing because you can change your mind in any moment. They are offering scholarships like: Phi Theta Kappa or SMWC Academic Achievement Grant. These are two grants of 1000$ each.

The first one is specially designed for those who don’t have the money to pay their tuition fee and the second one is very good for those student who want to pay their tuition fees for three years. It is not easy to get but for further information you can enter on their website and see their terms and conditions.

We hope that now you are really motivated to give it a try. The truth is that an online bachelor degree is like a must nowadays because people really judge you one way or another. And you want to be seen as a good person, because you really need attention. Come and get your student grant right now, know your rights!

Prestigious Scholarships are now available for online students!

48 thoughts on “Prestigious Scholarships are now available for online students!

  • I wish all myself good lucks to get this scholarship to feature my studies (fashion design)at damelinecollege that i’ve every dreamed of…I was matriculating this year 2016 and am 18 years old I worked hard to finish my secondary and am gonna continue working hard to finish up my highschool (college).please help me get this scholarship i really need it am from a very poor family raised by grandmother,my mother passed away long ago while I was still young…granny won’t be able to afford my studies,co use we survive with her passion fund to live at home with not getting this scholarship I won’t b able to feature my studies…please help me

  • hey good people ,am Peter Irungu,with a university student who needs cash to enable him pursue his studiesml also have a teenage girl who was admitted to National school,who also needs over ksh 50,000,=500$,am just a prison volunteer preach,am unaable to pay evn for their basic needs,please assist my children to pursue their studies and may the King of Kings bless you mightily.

    Yours Faithful,
    Pastor Peter

  • hi! excuse me my name is shuayb abdikadir mohamud.
    iam from ethiopia i graduated from high school.
    my parents were died when i was young
    my system learning is too hard i don’t have some one help me when i was young
    so that iam requesting from the university to give me apportunity to learn abroad some thing.
    thanks all of you

  • thank you. I hope to get schorship to fund my studies in college. . on a normal program. I scored a C PLANE. I sat for kcse in 2016. looking forward to your respond.

  • Help me join campus by funding my fees. I did my KCSE in 2016 and scored a C PLANE Of 45 points.. looking forward to your respond. please consider me.

  • Hello
    Sir i am arifullah from afghanistan ,graduated from shaikh zayed university journalism faculty and now i want to get an onlion master degree
    Please help me

  • Greetings. I am Ndage Kizito Nji from Cameroon and I am un able to continue studies after eight years in the seminary. The reason why I crave for your help in this scholarship program

  • Am nancy waliaula from kenyaI want to study nursing in Australia help me get my school fees looking forward for your consideration

  • praise God I am peter Okeny from South Sudan I completed my high school in 2011 but I could not able to go further more with studies because am from poor family. we were five in number ,4 are females .one have died and I am the only boy and last born in our family. our parents died long time .I was raised up by my elder sister until I completed my secondary .Her husban pass away in 2012 this was how my long journey of studies ended . All my three sisters did not go to school. Please my help me to schorlarship to change my futur. Thanks

  • Pls i need dis scholarship my family is poor,am a very young boy who just finished his secondry school leavel.

  • I am Safiya from Nigeria I will love to study an online program based on scholarship because my parents don\’t have a means of sponsoring me to further my education I would love to have a positive impact in my society I will really be grateful if this scholarship is given to me

  • Hi! I am Mucheche
    I live in Kenya
    I sat for my kcse last year 2017 and got a D+
    I humbly request for a scholarship to study airline cabin crew.
    I am looking forward to your response.

  • I am MUSA from Nigeria I will love to study an online program based on scholarship because my parents don\\’t have a means of sponsoring me to further my education I would love to have a positive impact in my society I will really be grateful if this scholarship is given to me

  • Hi i am Phakisi Paul aged 22 and i m Mosotho citizen who completed high school in the 2016 ,so l wish to study at Unicaf univesity so due to circumustances beyond my control i am parentsless so please help me to spurssue my degree in accounting finance thank you

  • Hi
    I am Alshartaya Abdelbagi
    I am from Sudan and I belong to impoverished family we don\’t have money to complete my study
    So I will be so glad if I win with chance

    Your faithful

  • Hi
    I am Protais Nihorimbrere
    I am from in Africa and I belong to impoverished family we can\’t find money to complete my study in master;but I need your help in other to get these full chances

    Your faithful

  • Hi, my name is Protais Nihorimbrere ,I am a from Burundi country in Africa ,I’m 27 years old but no married.I finish bachelor programs in statistics in my country.please as I want to continue my studies in master prohgrams really I ask for your help for me in order that I improve my knowledges .
    Thank you for all you can do for me

  • I have just graduated and acquired a professional diploma in the Chartered institute of Procumbent and supply and wish to continue with my studies to pursue Masters degree in either supply chain Management courses or Project Management or Human Resource Management I can not afford the fees I make a plea for scholarship online.

  • Hi am Josephine ingati I want to purse a career in mass communication. sat for my KCSE exam in 2015 and attained C plain of 43 points. I have passion for journalism since I was a child .l only need this scholarship to pursue my dreams. l hope my wish will be granted

  • Hi ,am perfect by name, I live with my single parent here in Nigeria, we base at Port Harcourt.
    I\’ve always looked forward to having a scholarship to study at the Atlantic university (pharmacy).I would really appreciate it if you grant me my biggest dreams ,so as to make my mum proud and to tell my community that a girl child has every reason to go to school and shine out. God bless you all.

  • My name is Waqas I have beared a big loss in my business I m suffering for accute depression I have 3kids 2kids going to school kindly help me for financial position

  • Please, am izack haule hilary from Tanzania am requesting for scholarships because my parents are very poor such they can\’t afford to pay the fee for me, please may help me for my future life and society.

  • حلمي هو قبولي في المنحه الدراسيه ومساعدة اهلي في الوضع المادي وذلك ن والدي متوفي وامي تعمل بجهد كبير في بيع الملابس للمساعدتنا ونحن ستة ابناء
    اتمنى قبولي

  • my name is wegdan Elshame I am Sudanese I have set for sudanese Examinations and I have got 92.4% at 2016 .my father cannot hear or speak and I hope that I can find a opportunity to study medicine in U.K.

  • Am Oliver kiptoo koech a student at Bondo technical college in Siaya county in Kenya .This is a country that most world record holders are born and get trained.Also it is a place with beautiful environment and many protected tourist site i jus want to appreciate your good job your extending to students worldwide.Even you can diversify and have one in Kenya that resembles your own institution

  • my name are morogo duncan i would like to humbly ruquest for scolarship to study in Texas Collage In U.S.A

  • am a student at Bondo technical institute pursuing diploma in civil engineering and i mostly train athletics part time because its one of my
    talent. I have some friends who you offered scholarship and i jus want appreciate good charity you had on them and many who you have facilitated scholarship to them….and also like your organization for producing competent personel.

  • I am a student right and I love to be a cabin crew ,which the tuition is,very expensive for my parent ,which is why I will love to win this scholarship to support my parent and family ..

  • I am a student,I love to be a cabin crew in the nearest future so I will love to win these scholarship to support my parent and siblings cuz the tuition fees is very expensive.

  • I\’m in Haïti. I need a scholarship in MBA. My application was received for a University of South Wales.
    I have (6) children , I need your help.I\’d like to earn money in order to help poor people, poor children.

  • Hi, I\’m eve muli,kindly help me pursue my university education,i don\’t have funds to pay for the course and my parent are not in a position to do so,I believe you will consider me.Thank you in advance.

  • Good day I\’m Gbemisola Isaiah O
    I want to pursue my bachelor degree in the field vet medicine but due to insufficient fund, I\’ve been unable to do that.
    I personally have interest in DeVry University and promise to law abiding.


  • my name is mulat bekele
    I\’m student at hawassa university
    I\’m Ethiopian
    please help me to study education in American

  • my name is mulat bekele
    I\’m student at hawassa university
    I\’m Ethiopian
    please help me to study education in American
    my phone number is 0975661631

  • Hello good people ,I would love to persue abachalars in business administration but due to circumstances beyond my pocket and being parentless I would wish you people to help me become some body

  • I am Tanzanian student, a girl….. Stella karoli shayo with no both parents need your help
    and support if it\’s possibly to join in your university please accept my request….undergraduate

  • I just want to tell you that I am just newbie to blogs and actually enjoyed this web page. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You definitely come with impressive articles. Thanks a bunch for sharing your website.

  • I am Mekonnen baye from Ethiopia.I have bachelor degree by horticulture .I want to get scholarship.please contact me

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