These 3 Asian scholarship programs are a great way to study abroad

Thousands of students from all over the world are interested in applying for a scholarship in Asia. Most of them have already went through online degree programs which have granted them with outstanding results. By looking for online colleges you’ll be able to stumble upon a great deal of academic grants, meant to give you a remarkable experience abroad without the downside of paying for high tuitions. Find out which Asian countries offer attractive programs meant to boost your studies and render you with the experience of a lifetime.

Study in China

The Chinese Government has developed the Great Wall Program which is basically a full scholarship funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education for UNESCO. If you’re already following an online degree you can take advantage of this unique opportunity by spending a year in a completely different culture. The grant covers the tuition, accommodation, stipend and even medical insurance. More and more students attending online colleges are taking the time into applying to various online degree programs so they can improve their studies with an authentic experience. All applications for this scholarship must be submitted between January and April and it is best advised you consult your home country’s National Commission for UNESCO to find out the exact deadline for each year.

Study in Japan

Are you an avid lover of the Japanese civilization? Now’s your chance to fully immerse into this culture by applying to the Keio International Program. All you need to do is register to at least 7 courses per semester and you can choose between a wide variety of fields, from Literature and Arts to History, Politics, Business and Law. If you already have an online degree in any of those fields, all you need to do is go to the official website and start the application process. What’s even better, the program doesn’t require you to know Japanese, so virtually anyone in the world can apply. Rest assured, there are many other programs offered by online colleges throughout the world, so take your chance now at applying to as many scholarship programs as possible.

Study in South Korea

If you’ve always dreamed about living in South Korea, you’ll definitely want to apply to the SNU-WOONGJIN Global Multicultural Scholarship. If you followed online degree programs that focused on engineering and natural sciences, then you’ll definitely be considered a priority by the committee. You’ll be glad to know that all exchange students are exempted from tuitions, including the one round trip airfare. If you are currently trying to finish an online degree, why not apply for a South Korean scholarship in order to add a more meaningful significance to your overall studies? Bear in mind, this scholarship is offered to 10 students only, so get in the line before someone else beats you to it.

Many students across the world have started taking up distance learning as a way to improve their education without spending too much time and money in the process. Applying for a foreign study scholarship will increase your chances at developing a fruitful career while also leaving you with a lot of great memories.

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