Enrich your online degree with an exotic study experience

Today’s society is rushing towards an era where people need to save up a lot of money for college in order to benefit out of a higher education. However, since not all students are able to cope with that, many of them turned to other solutions. More and more online universities offer the possibility of registering to online programs, helping students across the world educate themselves at lower prices and fair schedules. Having the possibility of attending online colleges, many students have decided applying to foreign scholarships, in order to travel and get to know other cultures and learning methods around the world.

Travel to Argentina

One of the most renowned grants in Argentina is the Roberta Rocca Education Program, offering 40 scholarships per year for students who follow an online degree in engineering and geosciences students. There are many other scholarships focusing on mechanical engineering that can be accessed by everyone who wants to pursue a career in the field. A lot of online colleges will allow you to apply for a foreign scholarship without having to worry about time or money. Visit Argentina and enjoy a wide array of studies that can help you receive a top-notch education while also living the Latin dream.

Travel to Mexico

The United States are funding the National Security Education Programs to award students with Boren scholarships. The reason is that there’s an increasing need for undergraduate students to learn languages in world regions which are extremely important to the U.S. interests. There are many online universities able to equivalate your foreign studies, so start applying for the following awards: $8000 for a summer program, $10,000 per semester or $20,000 for a period from 6 to 12 months. Worrying about money for college will soon be forgotten if you apply for this amazing opportunity.

Travel to Chile

If you want to discover Chile’s gorgeous landscapes and delicious food, you’ll definitely want to apply to the CIEE scholarships-grants. If you already have an online degree you can apply for a semester program that grants you with $2,500 for the stay and $1,500 for airfare. If some of the students attending online colleges cannot follow classes for a full semester, they can easily go for a summer program which offers $1,000 for the stay and $1,500 for the airfare. You may be one of the lucky few students who can be selected in a study program that will help you achieve high end results while also having the time of your life in a foreign country. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and check out the general terms and conditions so you can register today.

These were just a few of the available scholarships in Latin America. If you want to develop your academic and people skills, you should definitely submit an application for any of the countries mentioned above. There’s a high number of online universities able to allow you to pursue a semester abroad without having to fall behind on your pre-programed schedule.

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