Travel and study in beautiful Spain with these outstanding scholarships

A lot of students around the world decide each year to pursue a college degree online. The benefits of going for an online college degree are obvious through low taxes and less time spent at the university. There are other ways of receiving a higher education with the same low prices. If you choose to apply for a scholarship abroad, you’ll have the chance of not only studying captivating things, but also have a lot of fun while doing it. Meeting new people, participating in cultural activities and experimenting with rich cuisine, that’s what Spain is all about. More and more students currently pursuing an online bachelor degree are applying to grants for education all around the world, so, why shouldn’t you?

Erasmus Mundus

The Erasmus program is known for its grants awarded to EU and non-EU students. The program covers studies such as: Agriculture and Veterinary Engineering, Manufacture and Construction, Health and Welfare, Humanities and Arts, Science, Mathematics and Computing, Social Science and Business Law. If you already have an online bachelor degree, you can definitely go to Spain with Erasmus to pursue your Master or Doctoral degree. The scholarship can cover monthly allowances, participation costs, travelling and insurance costs. If you are currently pursuing a college degree online, you can top that off with an Erasmus semester abroad to the university of your choice. All you need to do is choose a city and follow the necessary steps shown on the official website.

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

If you’re in love with art and beautiful architectonic monuments, then Barcelona will surely overwhelm you with its beauty. The GSE Tuition offers free waivers for Master’s program in the following fields: Economic, Finance and Data Science. If your online college degree specializes in one of these three fields you will definitely be selected to participate within the program. The Master program consists of a full 9 months’ period of English taught classes available to all nationalities. If you still want to finish your college degree online and be a part of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, you can totally do so, as long as your results are excellent. Who wouldn’t want to study at the Economics Department, ranked as being no. 13 in the world?

Spanish Government Scholarships for International Students

These grants are hosted by all Spanish universities, research centers and Academic institutions. The bursaries are awarded to students who have already received an online bachelor degree and want to pursue their studies in the Master and Doctoral areas. If you want to start a Master in Madrid, you will receive about 600 Euros per months to which the Government also include board and lodging, valued at 950 euros per month. If you want to study outside Madrid, you will be receiving a full allowance of 1,200 Euros per month and a tuition support of 2,000 Euros. Spain has a lot of beautiful places that need to be visited so apply today to reserve your spot at one of their best universities.

Begin your adventure abroad by applying to a scholarship and enhance your online college degree for a great career perspective. Choose your preferred university and start the registration process today so you can benefit out of the experience of a lifetime!

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