Students scholarships represent a way to promote an online university because by doing this, many students will try to improve their future by applying to them. In the same time, online colleges are a very good idea for those students who want to life a student life, full of nice activities and learning. Now, this dream can be possible for everyone because online degree programs are being very popular. We made a list of scholarships which can be very useful for those who are interested in this domain. We hope that this will make to do the right choice when we are talking about online education and online colleges.

The first scholarship which also represents a very good opportunity to travel and to know Holland it’s called The Holland Scholarship and it is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Student Scholarships offered by this university are the best because they don’t have a certain number of student who can get them. If you are a good student you can be sure that you will get one so don’t hesitate to apply for it. It is destinated to those who have studied to online colleges or any kind of online education. In our opinion is a very good opportunity for students who have a real passion for this domain of study because now they can forget about online degree programs.

Another university which is on our list it’s called Bocconi University from Milan, Italy. This is a very prestigious university and if you will get a scholarship there you can forget about online education or online colleges. It is known that a scholarship there is a very precious thing. There are many students who don’t know about the possibilities that they will have later if they decide to go and study there. It offers scholarships international students applying to a Bachelor Program, Law Program, or Master of Science Program, so if you are one of those you can’t miss this chance. Forget about online degree programs and take a look on their website. You will find out that their courses are the best and their learning system is great.

But this is not the only university which can be good for you. You can apply for scholarships anywhere in this world, because there are many universities which will open their gates for you if you email them. You must give it a try. Find an application form and read it carefully and please have patience. Doing an application for a student grant is not an easy think, you must take care on being honest and to have faith in you.

List of Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

261 thoughts on “List of Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

  • I am just a Fiji citizen, studies at Fiji. 19 years old in year 13. Looking for scholarship for further study abroad. Hope that i will have one.

  • I am Mulugeta Bayisa .I have In Accounting in Ethiopia .For sure i want to join online scholarship master program if you offer and support me .and i would like to thanks you in advance for your cooperation .

  • I have finished high school last year
    & i\’m looking for undergraduate scholarship program for sep 2018.
    I prefer to learn engineering science.
    #not online

  • Am undergraduate student and I need to be shortlisted in the month of April 2018 will I get help am from Africa Kenya

  • This scholarship is a GREAT idea that will enable many students who are unstable financially to get hopes for successful future. Am a high school leaver who has not yet joined any higher institution but willing to join if supported financially through scholarship. I will be much glad and grateful if granted this scholarship to further my education. Am patiently looking forward to your response

  • dear sir/ma my name is ibrahim salihu ogirima a citizen of nigeria and curently am about writing the 2018 waec examination and am looking for scholarship to study medicine abroad and i need your help to get for me thank you sir/ma i will be waiting for your reply

  • I am a high school leaver who is looking for a scholarship to further my education for the upcoming September 2018 intake.i would really appreciate your help.looking forward to hear from you soon.Thank you

  • Hi, I really need help to study abroad
    Please accept me.
    I am 21years of age.
    I want to study I.T
    I am from Liberia and a Citizen

    Thank you

  • Please am a registered nurse currently but wanted to pursue a degree in medicine hope my request will be fully granted thanks

  • Im looking for a scholarship to study for an undergraduate .Im a 19 year old girl in zimbabwe ;AFRICA who did her high school level last year 2017 and did great in my study.Hope l get the scholarship for advancing my studies.Thank you.

  • Alwin toifei a 19 years old Solomon islander, a country which situated in the pacific ocean. And I am so desperately searching for any scholarship for undergraduate programs. Last year in 2017, I did my form seven ( year 13) at king George Sixth NSS.

  • I will be very greatful, to any scholarship being offered in the field of #medicine. And also, before I forget, from the bottom of my heart I wish thank you, for offering me this scholarship program site, which I believe its a first step through. And hopefully I will receive any favourable reply for my request from you soon!

  • I am a bsc holder in human Anatomy I have always dreamt of studying medicine but there has been no way as I don\’t have money to study in a private university and as I applied for the federal university in which I can afford I was given human Anatomy and I have no choice but to study it
    Now am done and really interested in going for MBBS but then nobody to sponsor me I will indeed be grateful if am given this scholarship and I promise to work to the best of my ability if this request will be granted
    Thank you

  • أتمنى من الله تعالى أن يستجيب لي ويحقق رغبتي ويسخركم لقبول طلبي للحصول على منحة دراسية
    في مجال الطب والعلوم الصحية والدراسة بالخارج و

  • أتمنى من الله تعالى أن يستجيب لي ويحقق رغبتي ويسخركم لقبول طلبي للحصول على منحة دراسية
    في مجال الطب والعلوم الصحية والدراسة بالخارج علما باني قد أتممت دراستي الثانوية وحصلت علي امتياز واوشك الآن على الحصول على شهادة التوفل في الانجليزية من C.T.L.Tفي جامعة صنعاء واتتطلع الآن للدخول في امتحانات القبول في الجامعة وفي مجال الطب وسأكون ممتن لكم اذا قمتم بقبل طلبي ومنحي المنحة حتى أتمكن من بناءمستقبلي وتحقيق رغباتي.
    مع أجمل أمنيات

  • Am a student at karu taking bachelor degree in education,,i will appreciate if you can offer me a scholarship to study medice for it is my passion

  • Am intrested on a scholarship for deploma in primary education, I shall be glad when my request is considered positively

  • My name is precious am 19 years old from Nigeria am interested in the scholarship I really need to archive my dream

  • My name is Lemi James 28 years old from South Sudan I need scholarship to study Nutrition and Food studies at any University in Australia

  • I don\’t how to express myself in a way that will portray how serious I need a scholarship . Am Bello, I currently hold a degree in Physiology and would really love to study medicine. I optimistic that you\’d be able to help me out soonest

  • I am Namibian and currently holding Master Diploma in TEFL and I want scholarship to upgrade for Master in Tesol

  • I\’m Christine ikong wani Jada a holder of veterinary medicine and Animal production.I want scholarship to upgrade for bachelor degree . Yr response is highly appreciated

  • I want to pursue master\’s of agronomy. I was graduate degree of agronomy from one of Ethiopia university. Please give me this chance.Contact me by email.

  • hello,my name is Jemima i\’m really needs the sholarship to archives my dreams please help me.

  • mon nom es Jemima j\’aimerai obtenir le sholarship pour pouvoir continuer mes études en sciences

  • I always dream to study in foreign countries … And if u\’ ll select me then I\’ all be very thankful to you……

  • Sana po mabigyan po aqng scolarship kc po gusto k po talaga mag aral at makapagtapos po ks broken family po k iniwan p kam ng tatay p nmin 9years n po nakakalipas ng iwanan p niya kami sa kapos p ng palad ay yng kapatid k pong isa ay nag asawa n at yng iba nmn po ay kinuha p ng tatay nmin ………san p maba sa p ninyu ito pls……

  • Hello my name is Diabate Abdoulaye djebroulou,i live whith my oncle in ivoiry coast because i lose my mother and my father when i was very young. We don\’t have money my i have a dream and my dream is to study in a british university and get a lot diplome in oder to help my family. If you can give me a scholarship,i will be the most happy in this world. Help me because my sister belive in me and if i get this scholarship i will be the best student of your university because i belive in me. Thank you

  • hey…this is yab and I am from Ethiopia..I really need this.I want to study medicine at better university.i am undergraduate.
    please help me

  • Hie how are you.This is an interesting opportunity.Iam in Zimbabwe. Iam very poor. I want the scholarship to persue my carrier in the field of Purchasing, transport and Logistics currently known as Supply Chain Management. How can I get the Scholarship for such people in African Countries such as Zimbabwe

  • Am from Cameroon an 18 year old student aspiring for a scholarship to study medicine in Canada.
    Due to many crises in my country especially the Anglophone crisis which led to the death of my grandfather which was my mentor.
    And I will like to do that in memory of him.

  • My Name Is Lorita Nchung.Am 2oyrs Old And I Am A Cameroonian.Am Currently Studying Food Sciences At The University Of Bamenda.My Parents Are Alive But They Are Poor.Please I Really Want To Futher My Education But I Do Not Have The Means To.Please I Really Need Your Help Through A Scholarship.Am Hopefully And Pertiently Waiting For Your Humble And Mercifull Reaction.Thank You Very Much,i Strongly Believe That You Will Help Me!!!

  • Please I Wish To Do Modeling And Food Sciences In UK.Am In Cameroon,nomatter The Present Cameroon Crisis, I Still Don\’t Have The Means To Futher My Education

  • SIr i want to tell that Iam cery poor boy and also want to continoue my study but i have not many source to contiouse my further so kind help me to be good citizen in my country and also will be thankfull of you
    my contact 031136941010

  • I\’m an undergraduate Cameroonian willing to follow my studies odilin the civil engineering field in Ontario (Canada). Kindly grant my request thanks in advance.

  • My name is Nothando from Swaziland,I got 50% scholarship to study in India under the Edoofa programme now I am kindly looking for the remaining 50% as I am expected to resume my lessons in August 2018.

  • Name: Chima Francis
    level ; undergraduate
    I am interested in any scholarship in order to help me get to the climax of my aspiration….. I need to study Medicine but not financially buoyant enough….am in need of your help

  • Thanks ever so much for such a help. The program is so interest, but I really want to know of the crate tiers involved.

  • my name is liya tigstu.i live in Ethiopia.i will laern accounting &managment.i need scholarship because to learn .thanks for givinig chance to me!!!God bless you.

  • My name is Bantayehu Mengistie and I have lived in Ethiopia. I have first Degree
    in Accounting & Finance. So I want you to study in Your University . best regard.

  • Hello, i live in ethiopia i\’m looking for scholarship to learn my undergraduate degree of economics please it would really be my honor if you would help me.

  • My name is Eunice from Tanzania I got a scholarship to china but they only pay for me tuition fees and accommodation I am looking fo a sponsor who can provide me with mounly allowance home to got a good reply

  • saya jeline saya sangat ingin untuk kuliah keluar karena banyak sekali yang suka merendahkan saya dan saya sangat ingin untuk kuliah di luar agar bisa buktikan kalau saya juga bisa…
    saya harap saya bisah sekolah diluar negri

  • I am berhe Desta ,l have first degree in chemistry. And i am a techer since 2015.i am Ethiopian and ilive in is impossible to learn with my i need scholarship program to make bright my future.i tanks you for help me.

  • Hie I m Phakisi Poul setinkolo from Lesotho i completed my high school 2016 wish to study abroad and purssue mining engineering so i am in need scholorship l hope with your aid i can make it i will thank your cooporation..thank you

  • Im Andrea james i have 19years ,im Tanzanian .i was complete o level education in 2016 and acquire division three (index no S/1272-0064) i was failed to continue with my advance studies due to fire accident that i get .but in 2017 i was joining at mocu university and now i have certificate of managment account but i failed to continue with my studies becouse i have no fund for continue ,due to the death of my grandfather who pay school fee for me , i need help if you will help me to complete my studies god will bless you Amen.

  • I am . Abdulqwi i am20years old i need scholarship. urgently for the first stage of CA that is AFC cindly grant me scholarship

  • I need an undergraduate/bachelor scholarship in the Biological field.Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you abundantly.

  • Sir i am a student of Intermediate now i want to get admission in medicine to fulfill my dreams . I want to be a doctor to survive for humanity kindly allow me scholarship. I want to study in your country because it is beautiful and have great universities of medicine

  • you are sent to the list of universities and international universities, and I am very interested in seeing nothing to access admission.

  • Hey there
    My name is Muhirwa Didier , live in Kigali Rwanda
    I completed my secondary school last year in 2017 I need a scholarship in university related to business. So help me

  • Hi, my name is Protais Nihorimbrere ,I am a from BurundiI ,I\’m 27 years old but no married.I finish bachelor programs in statistics in my country.please as I want to continue my studies in master prohgrams really I ask for your help for me in order that I improve ny knowledges .
    Thank you for your accepting

  • Hi, my name is Protais Nihorimbrere ,I am a from Burundi country in Africa ,I’m 27 years old but no married.I finish bachelor programs in statistics in my country.please as I want to continue my studies in master prohgrams really I ask for your help for me in order that I improve my knowledges .
    Thank you for all you can do for me

  • Hello! i\’m in my 3rd year in campagny Administration so after finishing i would like to continuous my master but i have lack financial means.please help me.thank-you.

  • My name is Emmanuel T Jiaway. I want to be a computer scientist. My parents don\’t have money to support my dream. I am looking for aboard scholarship to help my dream comes to Past.I live in Liberia and I am a high schools graduate .

  • Dear sir/ madam, my name is Grena mwashiuya Tanzanian lady aged 20 years, completed high school in 2017 Im here by looking for scholarship to pursue my bachelor of economics and Business Administration, iwill be happy if my request will meet you undergood effective consideration, your cooperation is highly appreciated

  • my name is Mayira Aphrodis I\’m a Rwandan with 23 years old and I\’m single. I\’ve finished secondary school in Mathematics,Chemistry and Biology. I need a help in any offer of scholarship to continue my knowledge in Bachelor degree. thank you for your accepting

  • I am a 16year-old student from kenya. I have always dreamed of aquiring a schorlaship to study abroad. I hope my dream will one day come to be true

  • Hello ,
    I am an 18-years old fellow from Kenya. Just comleted my high school education attaining a grade of A- .
    Ambiteous to do Bachelors Degree in Pure Statistics but financially unable to start my university education. How should i go about it to attain a scholarship?


  • I am Frieda, undergraduate I want to study in Zambia paramedic. I hope my request Will be taken for consideration. I thank you

  • With due respect, my names are okoh Gabriel from Nigeria, please I wish to request for scholarship in the area of dentistry. Thank you.

  • I\’m Osama from Morocco. I have a baccalaureate degree in physics. I want to study at your university. I want to invite you. Please respond to my article.

  • Mon nom c\’est Ngoma Beyeke Rose Marie du Cameroun titulaire d\’un baccalauréat f3 plus précisément dans le domaine d\’électricité je rêve d\’avoir une bourse études en sciences au Canada

  • I would be uterly gratefully if considered for an undergraduate scholarship in the science field abroad. Am currently undertaking a Bachelor of science in Forensic Science and currently looking for a supplementary course to go with it. Kindly consider

  • Ich bin ein student in Üniversität von Parakou und möcht Ich wenn es möglich ist,ein stipenduim von Ausland haben

  • I really need a scholarship packages to study abroad… I study peace and conflict studies complete my diploma and advance diploma certificate

  • I am Daniel from Ethiopia country i was finished grade 12th or preparatory school. I want to study bachelor degree at your university.please respond to my article

  • Am Ngoe Leonard, l wish to study production engineering in your country, while waiting with anticipation for your reply I greatly appreciated your kind gesture.

  • Dear director international scholarships Department Islamabad.
    Respected sir….
    Hope is that I have a few days ago scholarships for your application via the Internet had collected. I SMS for lack of my papers to confirm me time out. Therefore current date test absent on. So please me and send SMS to another test add to thank you. Student … Mir Siraj Jattak s/o Hazoor Bukhsh
    Ticket no #0812182291
    Roll no#6327

  • My name is Ade. I really need MSc scholarship to further my career in Human Resource Management. Hoping that my request be considered. thanks.

  • Salut! Je suis helena MOUNTSAMBOTE je suis en deuxieme annee de licence logistique et transit je suis titulaire d\’un bac D j\’aimerais obtenir la boursse de turquie pour la continuite de mes etudes merci!!

  • Hello!Im helena mountsambote I live from congo brazzaville Im interested in scholarship I need to study logistic of transport Im 22 years old I need your help to cutch my boursses of turkye thank you

  • I am Agogo Dickson Okoth, currently a civil servant with MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE in Taita Taveta county Government, KENYA. My duties involve interacting with local farmers to promote sustainable food & nutritional security through dry-land livelihood farming in the ARID ZONE of the area.
    Besides handling the agronomic packages for drought resilient pulses and cereal grain food crops, promotion of cultivating edible mushrooms by the farmers is also encouraged as mitigation against Human-wildlife conflicts so common in the low land areas near TSAVO NATIONAL PARK, located in the Coastal region of the country.
    I wish to get sponsorship for Undergaduate agronomy course, including SPAWN production technology to enable me return to help the farmers on a more informed Technical implementation capacity.

  • Please Sir /Madam I\’m interested in the scholarship in your for students I\’m from Sierra Leone I will like to be part of the book record in your country ITALY thank you

  • I would like to study nanostructure, if you have any opportunity you will send me it by email
    thank you for your availability

  • I am a Gambian by nationality and inhabitation. I successfully complete my High Teacher Certificate at Gambia college Training Institution. I am currently working with Ministry of Education. I shall be very delighted if i have scholarship to pursue higher Degrees.

  • I am Kuma. From Ethiopia. I am bachelor degree in physics and I am studying masters degree program in physics. Again I am looking for scholarship for further study.

  • Im somia from sudan i study pharmacy i need to increase study in pharmacy .
    I need your healp because dad is die .
    I hope get me scholarship
    Thanks to your healp me

  • Hi, I am Joan Kola from Papua New Guinea. I am doing my year 12 and would like to further my studies abroad but I really need a Scholarship. Hope I get one for law.

  • Please how can apply to it ineed schooler ship, for gynacology and reproductive,,secod choice is dermatology

  • Hi, am Marinda Sapak a registered nurse under PNG Nursing Counsel in Papua New Guinea..I am interested in doing a bachelor in emergency medicine..By obtaining this bachelor I then can help in delivering better health services to my people in my country. Am responsible and willing to learn. This scholarship will be a great help in achieving my goals.
    Thankyou very much.

  • My name is Jaryekonga Ukungo from Kiboga District(Uganda) I am a Diploma holder in education obteined from Democratic Republic of Congo since 2000, i have no job and no money to proceed with my studies so could your office reply to me.

  • I am a Ugandan aged 27, I did not finish a degree program in Environmental Science because of tuition, I will be grateful getting a scholarship

  • I am 18 years old.. Pre medical student I want to be a doctor but I can\’t afford I belong to a middle class family and we\’re 6 siblings I need scholarship kindly help me……

  • I need your help. I am educated but not much just metric passed.
    I have completed exames of firsfyear but I haven\’t gone college. I don\’t wanna just gain degree. I want to learn like my dady he was great teacher.and I will succeed. I don\’t know how but I will because I want.
    Please help me. I will be waiting for your call.
    Thanks for read

  • Dear sir
    Good Morning
    Sub: Scholarship for Islamic study.
    Your Applicant
    Md Sajjad Alam Ansari
    Passport No 07954545

  • Dear sir
    Good morning
    Sub: Scholarship for Islamic study at oxford university at Post Graduate Degree course I request you to please give me scholarship.
    Md Sajjad Alam Ansari

  • I simply want to tell you that I’m very new to blogging and site-building and truly enjoyed your blog. More than likely I’m want to bookmark your site . You actually have really good article content. Kudos for sharing your blog.

  • I just want to tell you that I am just very new to weblog and actually loved you’re web site. Almost certainly I’m going to bookmark your website . You actually have beneficial article content. Many thanks for revealing your web-site.

  • Am nervous writing this little message for I know many abled students have beat me to it but I must solder on for luck awaits me.I am a Kenyan citizen 18yrs of age seeking a scorlaship to study abroad majorly in the United Kingdom.I want to pursue Agricultural science.Please help.Thank you very much.

  • I absolutely love your blog.. Great colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m planning to create my own personal site and would love to find out where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Appreciate it.

  • I am humbly requesting that you may heard my cry for lack of money to raise college fee and am interested in joining America\’s beauty college, please let me wait for positive feedback. God bless you

  • I am a female gender, 21 years old looking for a scholarship foy college fee, I managed to fish my high school education in 2017 but I don\’t have a supporter for the college fee and am interested with beauty therapy in America. Please help me I want to pursue my goal. God bless you

  • Right here is the right blog for everyone who wants to understand this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a fresh spin on a subject that’s been discussed for decades. Wonderful stuff, just excellent.

  • hi. my name is ruhama i\’m 16 years old and i hope this apply sholarship b/c i\’m running to my goal. my country is Ethiopia my dream is art please God help me for give this chance

  • Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after looking at some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently.

  • I need scholarship because my family cannot afford to send a school, and i really want to go to school because i want to achieve my goals.

  • You are so interesting! I don’t suppose I have read anything like that before. So good to discover another person with a few genuine thoughts on this subject matter. Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that’s needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality.

  • I\’m passed my higher school education with A grade .I have need this scholarship to continue my university study.I\’m in Pakistan.

  • I m passed my higher secondary school education. Now I\’m want to get this scholarship .how I m get this scholarship .I m Pakistani.

  • I\’m 23yrs old pursuing a bachelors digree in nursing at Rusangu University in Zambia and my program is supposed to end in 2021 but my parents are unable to continue sponsoring me after my father was diagnosed with diabetes which has pushed him out of employment since 2017, hence applying to your good office for possible scholarship
    I\’ll appreciate if your office responds positively to my application

  • An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who has been doing a little homework on this. And he actually bought me lunch due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about this issue here on your blog.

  • Aw, this was an incredibly nice post. Spending some time and actual effort to create a really good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done.

  • Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after going through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

  • When I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the same comment. Perhaps there is an easy method you can remove me from that service? Kudos.

  • I am mariama dukureh a student from Gambia studies a course call cips /procurement and aupply my mother was helping me in furthring my studies when she passaway I start facing problems and delay am now in my diploma I really need your help and support to completed my education any further detail you lets me know

  • I am an undergraduate .I am applying for a scholarship at a university in UK. Thank you for your incoming support.

  • Hi i\’m Aissa Haythem a physical education teacher , an athletics coach and physical preparator i\’m form tunisia and i want to apply for a scolardhip
    what i have to do

  • Sir m a poor student & i belong to a middle class family i want to study psycology from abroad plz help me so plz give me scholarship

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